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How to Choose a Web Site Development Company


Explosion of the internet made creating a web site for your business a “must have”. If you are not on the internet then you are losing sales. Potential customers simply don’t use the phone to book anymore. That is why phonebook companies have moved to smartphone apps and websites. But, simply putting up a web site may not do it. Learn how to choose a web site development company.

What Type of Consultation Do They Offer

Many of the free web site development companies simply offer a one time phone consultation. They find out basics about your business such as contact information, hours of operation, services, etc. They use this information to create your website using a template. They use these templates thousands of times.
You want a web site development company that offers an in-depth, personal consultation. This consultation allows them to learn more than just the basics about your business. This is exactly the type of consultation that WebMIZER™ uses. We take the time to learn about the type of information you want on your website, what value you offer potential customers, what potential customers come to your business looking for, and how you want your web site to look. 
This consultation produces a web site that is personalized for your business. It will not look like thousands of other sites out there. It also will offer value to potential customers because your web site will answer questions that they are looking for. 

Beware of Free Web Site Development Companies


It may sound wonderful to get a web site made for free. But, you are a smart business person. You know that nothing is for free. These companies will do what they say and create a free website but after a set amount of time then they will start billing you to keep the website up. Some other issues are that they use slow servers, tend to experience downtime, or charge outrageous fees. You want to find a web site development company that explains their fees upfront.
This is exactly the type of service that we offer. We want a long term relationship with every one of our customers. We do not have hidden fees. During our consultation, we learn exactly what you are looking for. We are then able to create a quote specific to your needs. You will know exactly what your web site will cost before we start working on it. We never go over the budget that you give us.

Can They Offer References?

No matter what service you are looking for, it is important to ask for references. You want to know that the company has satisfied customers that would recommend them. Free web site providers answer this question by explaining why they are the cheapest. We have created websites for many different industries including; real estate IDX web sites, floor covering web sites, Dating web sites, online newspaper sites with subscriptions and classified ads managed by users, and shopping carts for most any online store.
We also can provide references for locations throughout the world. This may seem like a given for any web site development company. But, there are specific considerations when creating websites for different countries including; cultural considerations, language, dialect (British English is different than American English), etc. We have created websites for customers traversing the east coast to the west coast, to customers in Israel, Costa Rica, Canada, Peru, Germany and Netherlands – Proudly serving our customers in the languages, English, Ukraine, Hebrew, Dutch and Spanish.

Do They Offer Custom Photography?


Photos are important to making your web site interesting and engaging. You want high quality photos but you also want original photos. You don’t want photographs that are used over and over again. Your web site will simply look like too many others. We have staff with over 25 years’ experience in creating high quality images. You own the rights to the images - No Royalties, No Annual Fees

Do They Create a Web Site or a Business Portal?

We realize this may be new terminology for you. But, there is a large difference between a web site and a business portal. Web sites are simply meant to provide information to potential customers. A business portal turns these “looky-lous” into customers. Business portals allow customers to schedule consultations, make appointments, order products, leave questions, and fully interact with your business. A full business portal shows that you care about your customers. 
Creating a web site for your business is essential to attracting new customers. But, choosing a web site development company that uses a template for multiple customers can do more harm than good. These websites are simply not Search Engine Optimized. Improper SEO means you won't get the highest rankings in search engines like Google. We provide a consultation to identify your needs, stick to the budget that you give us, and have many completely satisfied customers in multiple countries. We hope you consider these tips when learning how to choose a web site development company. Contact our staff today to find out how we can create a web site that will generate sales.


Providing professional aerial photography and videography to clients who have a need to present a higher prospective of a product, home or event. This is an excellent format to display that one of a kind project that requires more than just a photograph. These video productions are broadcast quality and can not only be used on your web site, but can be customized as a commercial to be broadcast on your local Cable TV provider.

Our production team will provide you with a finished product that is assured to present a professional presence and demonstrate your professionalism for future clients.

Virtual Tours

If you are a real estate professional, you need our photography skills to market your listings. We can provide you with detailed professional photography of your listings that will assure you a successful campaign. As a professional photographer since 1986, we are a lifetime member of Professional Photographers Association... with multiple published photographs in magazines from coast to coast, we can provide you with a beautiful collage of photographs that will help you present your listings in the venue of your choice. Whether for print or internet, our work will speak for your professionalism. Give us a call and we will be glad to work with you on your next project.

Agent Team

When you are teaming up with other professionals to create a larger database of prospective customers, you will appreciate our combined listings platform for a team of agents. Our IDX platform, AQUAMLS, is a powerful option for team members. We can populate your web site with any number of listings, from any number of team members and present those listings in a unique platform that is a proven method of advertising. In addition to each team members listings grouped together, you will also be able to present the full MLS Properties to attract even more customers to your web site. This is a popular option for those who have 2 or more team members.



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