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Whether you are just starting your professional career, or you are a seasoned pro, WebMIZER™ can help develop a successful launch of your career with an IDX Web Site. With multiple templates to choose from, WebMIZER™ has a plan that will fit any budget conscious person. 
Our packages are priced to offer our customers a flexibility that ensures their decisions are profitable and easy to work with. From a wide range of templates that offer impressive looks, low startup costs to a fully developed and customized web site, WebMIZER™ has a solution for you.
When you are promoting yourself, your audience needs to know exactly what you are capable of doing. This is where a unique biography about yourself, your family, including hobbies and adventures you have had in your life. You may want express delight knowing you are capable of assisting anyone looking for a home or that perfect piece of land to build that mountain or lake home.
You will always want to thank your viewers for taking the time to read your information, and, express your willingness to help locate that perfect property for your customers. 
With WebMIZER™, you can manage your information via your Content Management System (CMS). By adding new photos, new articles and local information, you will help your web site to become more visible to viewers with search engine rankings and user accessibility. 
WebMIZER™ is dedicated to helping real estate agents tap the great earning potential of the internet. Consider the value that each service offers you as a real estate agent:
  • Engaging website: Let’s face it, people buy with their eyes first. One study compared two websites that had exactly the same content. One was built very simply. The other used very eye catching graphics and design. They found that people believed that the eye catching website was four times more trustworthy.  
  • SEO Content – SEO simply means Search Engine Optimization. This is more than simply providing a list of homes. It is providing content that is targeting keywords that potential customers search online. This adds value in the eyes of your customers and allows your site to be easily found in search engines. SEO content is critical to obtaining organic traffic.  


If you do not have an engaging website with professional SEO content then you are simply leaving money on the table. You are only getting seen by a small percentage of potential customers. Why would you simply ignore the potential money that organic traffic can bring you? Contact WebMIZER™ today to find out how we can help you tap into the potential income that you have been ignoring.

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