Creative Photography
Jeffrey Brock
There are various ways of representing a home on a photograph. While simple facade picturing can give a home a rather dumb aspect, professional creative architectural photography emphasizes the same building’s architectural refinement, the homes grace and charm, its characteristics and identity.

It’s the creative photographer’s interpretation that lets the home – or villa – “speak” to a prospective buyer, attract his (or her) attention emphasizing its very best features, and convince him (or her) that this is the home he or she desires
Creative photography needs a professional approach, high quality equipment, a long period of preparation, and taking pictures from various angles, perspectives, environmental and illumination conditions, and than reviewing and refining the pictures.
The images are than edited, refined and meticulously inspected to soften any too sharp contrasts, adjust over- or under-exposure, and give them the colouring and balance that let the property shine in its elegance.
Any real estate professional will immediately recognize photographs presented with an artistic touch, as they convey to the viewer the most beautiful and inspiring views of a property and promote it in an enhanced format.

Being a professional photographer, I know how to capture and display the details proficient Real Estate agencies need.

As pioneers in the digital photography movement, and experts in Artistic Architectural Photography, my photographs will demonstrate to viewers a professional edge of experience, ideally positioning the properties in their environment, lining out their charisma and appeal and captivating the potential buyer’s fascination.
To help you even further increase your sales, we alternatively offer one-of-a-kind specialist aerial photography using our unique approach to aerial flights, for properties built on a sloped landscape – or to add even more astonishing depictions of the property. Upon request we will also provide you with a “virtual tour” of any estate combining photos and videos.
Agent Promotional Photographs
For the professional real estate experts, we provide a professional marketing package including multiple head shots, full body photography and waist up photos. 

Each package will also include multiple PSD files with transparent background, for overlay on any advertisement.
We will also provide to our clients, photographs with a resolution of 300 dpi, camera ready to be used on any media, including, newspapers, brochures, magazines and more.
In addition to the images files, our package will include a uniquely designed business card layout that will be camera ready for your printer.
You may use your files for any publishing needs -  Printed Media, Newspaper, Magazine Publications, Business Cards, Real Estate Brochures, Television and all forms of print or electronic media. There are no annual fees, and no additional licenses required to use your packet. Once you purchase your package, it becomes your forever. 
Our Self-Promo Package is what you need to present yourself in a professional manner. According to marketing strategist nationwide, a professional photograph is a prerequisite when promoting one's self to the public arena. Our highly acclaimed photography work will help you present yourself to your customers. When your customers see your profile photograph, they will see your professionalism is second to none.
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