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How Content Generates Real Estate Sales
WebMizer is dedicated to providing real estate agents with all the tools necessary to make money. Creating a great website with WebMizer is the first step. Having an eye-catching and attractive website will keep visitors on your real estate page. Showing your listings online is one way to generate sales. The other is great web content. Learn how WebMIZER’s web content service generates real estate sales.
Providing your real estate agent website visitors with listings will keep them on your page. But, great content is another ingredient to lasting real estate website sales. Content is what search engines use to bring visitors to your site.   
There are several things that an effective web content should have.
  • Topics that will attract people interested in real estate.
  • Search Engine Optimized (SEO) to make sure that each and every piece of content is found by search engines.
  • Keywords that are searched regularly. If you write an article but the topic is rarely searched then you it will not generate visitors. In return, it will not generate sales. 
  • High quality – each piece of content needs to be readable and provide value to your potential real estate customers.  
Your business is selling real estate not creating web content. You can hire a freelance writer to produce this content but it is not cost effective. Freelance writer often charge up to $350.00 or $450.00 per piece of content. Besides the cost, you would have to spend time searching the internet, finding potential writers, and hiring them. Then you need to hope that you picked the right one. This process takes time away from doing what you do best, selling real estate.  
We are dedicated to providing you will all the tools to generate real estate sales online. To this end, we created our SEO content service. Once your website is online then our staff will create high quality content which adds value for every visitor to your website. 
Our content does more than just get you visitors. It also elevates your visibility. Content like, “How to Choose a Real Estate Agent”, “How to Find a Home Mortgage”, etc. provide potential real estate customers with answers to questions they are looking for. By providing them with these answers, you are demonstrating that you don’t just want to sell them real estate; you want to help them throughout the purchase process.
This content also increases your social media presence. People that find information that helps them will share it with others. This expands the reach of your real estate agency. It puts your website in front of potential customers that you might not otherwise reach. A high quality piece of content can even reach “viral” status. 
We provide you a content writing service that is dedicated to creating high quality, SEO optimized content. Our content writing staff are trained and experienced in providing content that will get you noticed by search engines like Google. You already trust us with your website. Why not trust us with your content creation? Contact our staff today and see how we can create high quality SEO content for your website. 

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