A powerful IDX core framework that offers a standard set of intuitive and expandable features, for easy administration through an advanced user interface. With multiple templates to choose from, multiple layout designs and an infinite choice of colors, backgrounds and fonts, your web site will look better than it ever has when you use AQUAMLS Core Features.


As the powerhouse of IDX platforms, AQUAMLS makes a quantum leap ahead of the competition. With AQUAMLS your web site viewers are NOT going to want to visit any other web site when searching for a home. Our unique IDX program was built with the professional real estate agent in mind. When searching for a property, your viewers can click on a single icon to search an area of interest and find that perfect property. 
With a single click, your viewers can search for 1000's of listings in your database of properties. Viewers may filter out specific type properties such as, type of listings- Land, Home, Lake Front, etc... Additionally, county, city, subdivision search filters are available and are used to pinpoint an exact area your viewers are wanting to search. 
Our unique mapping system allows you to see what type of property you are viewing the map by a visual aid of icons representing the type of property the listing is. For example, if it is a lot with water front, the map visual will show a tree with water. If it is a home with water front, an icon of a house with water will be shown on the map for that property.
What You Get
Search engine to search for properties with specific parameters such as Price - Highest/Lowest, Lowest/Highest, New, Foreclosed, and other options provided by MLS data

- Foreclosure Properties which will show area Foreclosures listed in the MLS database. Includes option to search ONLY Foreclosure Properties

- Frontage Type such as - River, Creek, Lake, Mountain View, etc - each MLS group will have different frontage types available

- Type of Property / check box modal view, i.e. Residential, Condo, Farm, etc - this will be different on each MLS group

- View Types such as - Mountain, Lake, River, Valley, etc - each MLS group will have different View Types

- A single search box for inputting a MLS Id to search for a specific property listing

- Slider Search for number of Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Price Range

- County Search / List of all counties served by the local MLS group

- City Search / list of all cities serviced with the local MLS group.

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